New and Improved! Ultra-Durable Titanium Coated 45mm Rotary Cutter
New and Improved! Ultra-Durable Titanium Coated 45mm Rotary Cutter
New and Improved! Ultra-Durable Titanium Coated 45mm Rotary Cutter

New and Improved! Ultra-Durable Titanium Coated 45mm Rotary Cutter

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  • ★MAKE FLAWLESS, PRECISE CUTS★ Thanks to the Premium Titanium Coated Steel, your blade stays razor sharp, and allows for the most accurate cuts. Either straightaways, curves or corners, you will be getting the crisp even cuts you are looking for without the jagged edges you get with scissors
  • ★WORK FASTER AND SAFER★ Whether cutting out long strips of fabric, or small squares for quilting, when you need to work quick, our rotary cutter beats scissors everytime. Also features push-button lock, so you can keep the blade open while working and closed for safe storage
  • ★NO MORE TEDIOUS CUTTING!★ Don't stress over tedious cutting jobs again! Our rotary cutter comes with a comfy-grip handle (left or right handed!) and can effortlessly glide through material. No more aching or cramped hands caused by scissors after extended periods on the job. Instead of dreading the hard work, you can get back to enjoying your craft
  • ★EASILY CUT THROUGH MULTIPLE LAYERS AT ONCE!★ Our premium built blades are razor-sharp and made of the toughest Japanese SKS-7 steel. On top of that they have the Ultra Durable Titanium Coating so they stay sharp longer than any other blade, and continue to glide through multiple layers at the same time
  • ★100% THRILLED CUSTOMER GUARANTEE★ At Evergreen Art Supply we stand proudly behind all of our products. That's why we back everything with what we call our "100% Thrilled Customer Guarantee". If you are not absolutely in LOVE with our product, we offer 100% moneyback no questions asked, hassle-free refunds

You LOVE what you do...

But are you TIRED of everytime you get excited about the next project, BAM!?! The dreaded cutting! Very tedious, at times frustrating, even painful on big projects, these worries are a thing of the past!

You can now, quickly, comfortably and precisely cut through multiple layers without the stress, and with none of the jagged edges that get left behind with scissors!

At Evergreen Art Supply we understand exactly what you need in your art supplies, and go above and beyond to deliver!

Ultra Durable Titanium Coated Blades - Our blades are made of high quality steel imported from Japan and coated in titanium, to be sure your razor sharp edge lasts

Quick-Lock Feature - Simply lock your blade in cutting position while working, then lock the blade in closed position for safe storing, all at the push of a button

Left or Right Handed - The blade comes installed ready to go for right handers. Lefty? No problem, simply unscrew the blade and reinstall on the opposite side

Replaceable Blades - Blades are easy to replace, and not a single tool needed. Get more of the industries best blades directly from Evergreen Art Supply so you can keep your cutter going for years to come


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Diagram for Blade Replacement / Assembly

Evergreen Art Supply Rotary Cutter Assembly Instructions Diagram Replacement Blade Steps



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