Evergreen Art Supply Electric Pencil Sharpener
Evergreen Art Supply Electric Pencil Sharpener, Adjustable Sharpness, Black
Evergreen Art Supply Electric Pencil Sharpener, Adjustable Sharpness, Black
The Ultimate Electric Pencil Sharpener

Evergreen Art Supply Electric Pencil Sharpener, Adjustable Sharpness, Black

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  • THE ULTIMATE SHARPENER • This Automatic Electric Pencil Sharpener is portable, powerful, and sharpens extremely quick and even every time, all while running at an astonishingly quiet level. On top of that it has an adjustable blade, a built-in safety feature, and also when you're all done, it offers no mess-cleaning!
  • WORK FREELY, WHERE & WHEN YOU WANT • Whether you need a reliable, stationery, day-in and day-out workhorse, or you need the flexibility to create artwork on the go at first glimpse of inspiration. Thanks to the triple power supply option (Wall, USB, or Battery), you have the ability to work as you please, no restrictions!
  • PRECISION AND RELIABILITY • Featuring three different sharpening options ranging from Blunt to Medium to Sharp, giving you the control to create the perfect edge you need, no matter the task. All done thanks to the Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Helical Blade that sharpens rapidly and evenly every time.
  • BUILT-IN SAFETY & EASY CLEAN FEATURE • After putting your new sharpener to use experience the no-mess removable shavings tray with safety Auto-Stop feature (Especially helpful with kids!). Giving you easy cleaning at school, work, or the studio and the Auto-Stop prevents the blade from running the instant the tray is removed
  • 100% THRILLED CUSTOMER GUARANTEE • At Evergreen Art Supply we stand proudly behind our company, products, and service. That's why we back everything with what we call "100% Thrilled Customer Guarantee". If you do not absolutely LOVE our product we offer 100% moneyback, no questions asked, hassle-free returns


Never again put up with your manual hand sharpener. Your bulky, LOUD, & obnoxious electric pencil sharpener. Rough, and uneven points left on your pencil. Huge messes made when cleaning.

At Evergreen Art Supply we take pride in providing exactly what you need in a product and we go above and beyond to ensure we deliver the best products with all the features YOU want!


▶ Triple Power - With the option to power by USB cable, wall charger, or go mobile with 4 AA batteries this sharpener allows you to remain extremely versatile (batteries not included)

▶ 3 Sharpness Settings - Get extremely sharp, needle-like points for extra-fine use, or choose the blunt tip and sketch out your next piece of art

▶ Perfectly Even Points - The adjustable Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Helical Blade is built to provide fast, evenly sharpened pencils, day-in and day-out, and provides a point like no other

▶ No-Mess Cleaning - The days of pencil shavings all over the desk, and floor are over! Simply remove the shavings tray which keeps all the shavings in place and dump it. No mess!

▶ Safe For Kids - We have a built in Auto-Stop system. The instant the shavings tray is removed the feature prevents the blade from operating

▶ Extreme Mobility - Not only does this sharpener offer 4 AA powered option, it is lighter than others, and more compact than others, so you can easily take it anywhere you go.


We stand proudly behind all of our products. That's why we provide you with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not absolutely THRILLED!


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