Jill Harris
Evergreen Art Supply - Electric Pencil Sharpener
"This Electric Pencil Sharpener did a great job of sharpening different kinds of pencils!
I also love that there was not a big mess when I removed the removable shavings tray when it was about halfway full of pencil shavings"
Michelle Cardone
Evergreen Art Supply - Sewing Kit
"By far the most extensive compact sewing kit I own.
At first I didn't know if I wanted this because I a have a couple of portable sewing kits, one for my camper and one in my living room drawer for quick access but I saw this one and knew I wanted it for my knitting kit"
Cynthia Flores
Evergreen Art Supply - Watercolor Pencils
"These watercolor pencils work good and will make a piece of art! You get every color you can think of and then some.
You can take a paint brush and blend these and ver well, making perfect pieces of art."
Evergreen Art Supply - Watercolor pencils
"These watercolor pencils color very smoothly. These pencils have a triangular shape for easy holding and these are professional grade pencils."
Joanna Baer
Evergreen Art Supply - Craft Clips

"My daughter saw these and fell in love!
She can play with these clips all day. She uses them to hold pieces of her art projects together after gluing to keep them in place while the glue dries.
I found that the clips did a great job holding zippers and pockets in place."
Danielle R
Evergreen Art Supply - Super Scissors
"These scissors can cut it all. I have been looking for years for scissors that can compare to what my grandmother owned and used for almost her entire life, now I can brag and say I have a pair of scissors that outdo Grandma's!"