Artist Spotlight Entry

Want To Be The Next Evergreen Art Supply Featured Artist?!?

All media and art forms are welcome!

To be considered as a featured artist, all entries must include the following:

  • 3+ paragraph story about you and your art
  • 4-6 photos that best represent your style of artwork
  • At least 1 photo of you
  • Include our products in your photos if possible
  • Up to 1 video (intro, art in action, instructional, etc.)

What should I write?

Start out by introducing yourself, your hometown, and where you live. Let everyone know what you would describe as your style of art, and what mediums you use.

Add in anything awesome you have done, awards, get a little personal. Fun facts, other hobbies, schooling, whatever makes you, you! 

What and/or who is your biggest inspiration? Share, what is your signature style/technique? Give out any advice and tips for others. 

Then be sure to give everybody a way to find you and your art! Let us know any social media channels, upcoming galleries or events, and if you would like, you're preferred way to be contacted!

Bonus Cred!

Send in artwork made with our supplies.

Include our supplies in your pictures and being used.

Create a quick piece exclusively for Evergreen Art Supply!


Please attach high quality, clear images of the work you would like to be presented, or link us to your portfolio and we can choose for you! (Be sure to have at least 1 photo of yourself)