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Keep Your Family Busy with Arts and Crafts! - PLUS 5 Fun Projects :)

In our modern world, people have their hands glued to their smartphones and tablets, our fingertips continuously tapping away on keyboards as we try to keep ourselves busy in our spare time. Families stay together in one room on weekends, but have their conversations over messenger and viber. This is sad. Family entertainment unfortunately comes in the form of a movie night for some. Our dependence on these devices have progressed to a level that I even have trouble writing a few sentences using a pen and paper. Writing a letter meant sending an email and a notebook is a small laptop. A year ago, I was clearing out my sister’s old room in my house when I stumbled on...

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002 - Big Updates! Multiple Product Releases & Launching Artist Spotlight

We have been working hard to improve Evergreen Art Supply for YOU!   First change is an update to our loved classic, the Wonder Clips. EAS users loved our original Wonder Clips, perfect for quilting, sewing and other crafts. However many of you asked if we have them in bigger sizes for when it comes time to use the occasional hefty materials. At the time we didn't, but we listened and brought you our new Super Pack of 100 Wonder Clips. Which includes 75 Original Clips +25 JUMBO Clips! You can check out the new Wonder Clips here.   Another new product release, which I am quite excited about! This is The Ultimate Pencil Sharpener. This bad boy is built for...

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