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Sewing Basics: How to sew a button, 4 SIMPLE steps!

I bet everyone has experienced a wardrobe malfunction one or twice in their lives. A small rip, an unexpected tear here and there ... or a button popping out at the worst possible time. Its a funny joke to tell, but it isn't amusing at all if it happens to you! Putting back a button is easy right? Well, it? Let's review how to sew that button back to it's proper place by using our Essential Travel Sewing Kit by Evergreen Art Supply. This kit is designed for our customers to get the best bang for the buck that includes high quality sewing items for your use. All the essentials you need for those repairs are included in this handy...

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Sewing Scissors: 5 Facts You NEED to Know Before Buying

  As a little girl, I remember spending whole afternoons playing inside my grandma’s room, listening to her motorized sewing machine and admiring her watermelon pin cushions.     She was always very busy with her hands, knitting, sewing and creating all sorts of drapes and pillow covers for the house. My grandma always reminded me to only look but never touch any of her stuff. I knew that the needles, pins, razors and scissors were off limits, and as colorful as they were, I did not dare to touch them as a child! My grandma had a big shiny pair of sewing scissors that was the centerpiece of her workplace. Every time she reached for them, everything else stopped and...

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