Sewing Basics: How to sew a button, 4 SIMPLE steps!

I bet everyone has experienced a wardrobe malfunction one or twice in their lives.

A small rip, an unexpected tear here and there ... or a button popping out at the worst possible time.

Its a funny joke to tell, but it isn't amusing at all if it happens to you!

Missing button

Putting back a button is easy right?

Well, it?

Let's review how to sew that button back to it's proper place by using our Essential Travel Sewing Kit by Evergreen Art Supply.

This kit is designed for our customers to get the best bang for the buck that includes high quality sewing items for your use. All the essentials you need for those repairs are included in this handy kit.



Here are the simple tools we'll need for our button repair.

Needle and thread - The Evergreen Art Supply sewing kit includes the right needle for you. Chose thread that has the closest color of your button. We included 18 colored thread rolls with this kit! More than you'll ever need, plus 2 white and 2 blacks.













Button - If you've kept the button, great. If not, find the closest color and size you can find. The kit has several buttons included that you can use.














Small scissors - We included stainless steel scissors for nipping those threads efficiently.





Note: Most clothes and shirts usually have extra buttons sewn on the tab, so make sure to check for those if cant find your missing button.

Here are the 4 Simple Steps to sew back your button.

Evergreen Art Supply - Sewing Kit; How to make a thread knot.

    • Start by threading your needle with about 24 inches of thread that is doubled over. That's about12 inches of thread that we can work with. Loop the thread a few times around your forefinger and tug the end to create a bundled knot.
      Evergreen Art Supply - Sewing Kit; X anchor
      • X marks the spot in anchoring your button. The X anchor makes it more sturdy than just simply attaching the button straight on without an anchor.
        • Once you've completed around 5 loops through the hole, remove the spacer and wrap your thread around the threads under the button to make a shank.
          Evergreen Art Supply - Sewing Kit
          • Tighten it all down by knotting the several loops on your anchor and cut the excess string with your stainless scissors.

          And there you go, your rouge button is back! :)

          Evergreen Art Supply - Sewing Kit Complete Kit;

          For all those little tears and minor repairs, you can't go wrong in having a sewing kit at home or in the office.

          The Evergreen Art Supply Sewing kit includes the following items inside.

          • Stainless Steel Scissors
          • 30 High Quality Needles in Assorted Sizes Imported from Japan
          • Metal Crochet Hook
          • Knitting Needle
          • 18 Colored Threads (in every color you could need, including 2 whites and 2 blacks!)
          • Seam Ripper
          • 4 Spare Buttons
          • Tape Measure (inches & cm)
          • 18 Pins (larger than the competitions)
          • 4 Safety Pins
          • Threader
          • Magnifying Glass
          • Metal Thimble (not plastic like some kits)
          • Colored Marking Pencil
          • Pack of Small Needles

          Evergreen Art Supply - Sewing Kit

          Everything is kept organized with handy pockets and elastic straps, this makes the Evergreen Art Supply sewing kit ideal for travel. All these items are enclosed in a beautiful traveling case so you can bring the kit anywhere with you.

          So the next time you get into a wardrobe malfunction. All those rips, tears and missing buttons can easily be mended quickly with our complete set of tools ready for you to use.

          You can BUY YOUR OWN KIT HERE.


          or check out our Evergreen Art Supply Blogs.




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