Sewing Scissors: 5 Facts You NEED to Know Before Buying


As a little girl, I remember spending whole afternoons playing inside my grandma’s room, listening to her motorized sewing machine and admiring her watermelon pin cushions.



She was always very busy with her hands, knitting, sewing and creating all sorts of drapes and pillow covers for the house.

My grandma always reminded me to only look but never touch any of her stuff. I knew that the needles, pins, razors and scissors were off limits, and as colorful as they were, I did not dare to touch them as a child!

My grandma had a big shiny pair of sewing scissors that was the centerpiece of her workplace. Every time she reached for them, everything else stopped and my attention was set with a rather blank, but curious gaze.

I was amazed how effortlessly she could cut through a long piece of cloth just by gliding her scissors along a small incision she made. Snip,snip….snip,snip. I can still image and hear the sound today.

Many years have passed and my grandma is now happily sewing and knitting in the heavens, I still have those sewing scissors that I are very dear to me till this day. Because of her I also fell in love with the craft. I still smile her i think about her when I’m sewing. It’s true, a good pair of sewing scissors will really last you a lifetime.

There are things in life that I will never skimp on. My toothbrush, smartphone, clothes, shoes, and especially sewing supplies! :) Because these things are items that I use daily and I simply want the best. Just like an artist that invests in his paints and pencils, a photographer and his lenses, and a runner with the lightest and best footwear, they invest only on the best available. They are comfortable with it and these instruments make them really enjoy what they do.

An arts and crafts enthusiast is no exception. Cutting cloth and creating beautiful stitches require a pair of trusty quality sewing scissors. We don't want to use our teeth to bite on loose strings, do we? So, understanding that your new pair of sewing scissors can last you a lifetime, here’s 5 tips to help you in buying your own pair.

    1. Right Tool for the Right Job.

      Although we see many curious folks cutting up card boards and even soda cans to showcase the strength and sharpness of their scissors, this is not recommended and will ultimately destroy your scissors in the long run.  If you have a pair of high quality sewing scissors, please do not use them for opening sardine cans!

      There are can openers for that! :)



      Other scissor varieties are used for office work, cutting flowers and kitchen duties. Delicate embroidery and little paper cut-outs also need different special types.

      Disposable scissors are only good for 1 or 2 projects and will dull out very quickly. Think of cheap children scissors
      you buy from the local convenience store. If you are careful in using your sewing scissors and use them only for cloth and fabric, it will hold its sharpness much longer.

        2. Type and Quality of materials used.

          You want to start with high quality steel and avoid stamped iron because they lose their sharpness faster compared to stainless steel. Simply put, carbon turns regular iron into steel, and adding carbon to steel enhances its strength further thus having a blade that keep its sharpness much longer than iron or even standard steel.

          3. Handle shape and Ergonomics

          Common office and school scissors have symmetrical plastic handles. Both handles are identical and exerts the same amount of force when making the cut. Shears and sewing scissors are unique because of the difference in the angel of their handles, allowing you to efficiently and accurately cut paper or fabric on a flat surface.

          Sewing scissors with angled handles cut more accurately when dealing with cloth, fabric or leather, because you can rest the bottom part of the blade on the cutting surface for a stable base. Old school sewing scissors similar to mine usually has bare metal and will hurt your thumb and fingers during heavy use. More modern sewing scissors now have rubber grips that hugs around your thumb and fingers, making it more comfortable when cutting through thick sheets of cloth.

          4 . Budget

          Cheap sewing scissors may look good and cut sharply at first, but will be a big disappointed in just a few months. Buy the best you can afford because remember, you want your sewing scissors as an investment. So save on replacement and sharpening costs by buying better quality sewing scissors now. Keep an eye on reviews by buyers if you plan on buying online, this gives you a clear idea what you are buying.

          5. Size and Versatility

          As there are literally hundreds of different types of scissors available today, it is important to find the right one for you. A small pair of scissors will not generate enough power for the cut, destroying your material, causing frustration and giving your fingers stress. Bigger scissors will have more power but will be heavy and uncomfortable to use for most projects. Not fun.

          I found that a pair of 9 inch scissors is the size that is the sweet spot. They don't hurt my hands even after prolonged use. The 9 inch size is very versatile as a daily go pair of scissors. The weight balance is perfect. It allows you to use less force when cutting, which in turn gives you better accuracy and control, while still packing a lot of power to easily cut through tough materials like leather and denim. 

          Cleaning and Maintenance

          Regular cleaning and maintenance works wonders in keeping your scissors in tip-top shape. Use a clean piece of cloth and wipe away lint and dust on the inside surface of your scissors after every use. This keeps the hinges clean and keeps the open and closing action of your scissors smooth. I also apply a few drops of household machine oil on the hinge every 6-12 months, and wipe the blades with a thin layer of oil, this not only helps the blades glide smoothly but also helps to prevent any rust from forming. Be sure to also wipe away any liquids or moisture to prolong the life of your sewing scissors, and fight away rust. Then before each wipe away any excess oil left on your scissors so that the oil doesn't transfer to cloth or paper.

          With proper care a high quality pair can last many years, or even a lifetime without ever needing sharpening. Depending on the quality of your scissors and frequency of use, scissor blades, the time may come where they may need that sharpening. Don't worry though! I strongly recommend having them sharpened by a professional, simply look up a local service and you should have no trouble finding one, they are very affordable and will have your scissors back to their cutting prime. A bit of maintenance and care for your investment goes a long way, way and guarantees that your sewing scissors will keep them performing like they were brand new for life.

          I may sound a bit sentimental, but I had my grandmother’s sewing scissors sharpened and thoroughly cleaned before keeping it inside a plastic case. I only take it out from the box to hear it snip once in a while for the good old memories.

          I bought a new pair of sewing scissors to use as may daily pair and I'm very happy with it! They have stayed sharp like the day it came in the mail a year ago. The size and weight fits perfectly in my hands and has always been reliable for my arts and crafts needs. It is made from quality high carbon steel and comes with a money back guarantee.

          Shout out to the folks at Evergreen Art Supply for such a wonderful pair of scissors, they remind me of my grandmothers pair that are so dear to me. My new scissors cut through fabric like butter and have comfy grips to keep my hands happy.

          Their claim is that this is the last pair of scissors I’ll ever need, and I agree, I will be happy the moment I get to hand these down to my own granddaughter one day!


          Frank's Notes on Janice's Sewing Scissors Article

          This article was great! I read the whole thing and appreciate the great detail you went into covering every detail. It really is very well done.

          I need to thank you for mentioning us! It really means a lot! I'm always happy to hear when we have made customers so happy with our sewing scissors, or any other product for that matter.

          Janice, I just want to say THANK YOU again! All the readers will learn a ton and will have plenty of knowledge and be confident that they will purchase nothing but the best sewing scissors now!

          Frank Garcia

          Founder - Evergreen Art Supply

          P.S. - And of course we have the sewing scissors Janice spoke so highly about! Get your pair of Super Sewing Scissors now! 


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