002 - Big Updates! Multiple Product Releases & Launching Artist Spotlight

We have been working hard to improve Evergreen Art Supply for YOU!

Jumbo Wonder Clips Quilt Clips Sewing Clips Quilting Clips


First change is an update to our loved classic, the Wonder Clips. EAS users loved our original Wonder Clips, perfect for quilting, sewing and other crafts. However many of you asked if we have them in bigger sizes for when it comes time to use the occasional hefty materials. At the time we didn't, but we listened and brought you our new Super Pack of 100 Wonder Clips. Which includes 75 Original Clips +25 JUMBO Clips! You can check out the new Wonder Clips here.


Best Electric Pencil Sharpener for Artists

Another new product release, which I am quite excited about! This is The Ultimate Pencil Sharpener. This bad boy is built for artists, it has a Triple Power Supply (wall, usb, or battery), adjustable sharpness, a no-mess tray, and built with a strong steel helical blade. This works great with colored pencils and will be your new day-in and day-out, take everywhere you go, perfectly even pencil sharpening workhorse. Get your Ultimate Electric Pencil Sharpener!


Jesse Labbe Artist Cross Hares Beronas War Cartoonist

The last but definitely not least is a MAJOR announcement! We just introduced our brand new Artist Spotlight. Where you get the chance to go Beyond The Canvas and get personal with artists that are masters of their realm. Check in regularly to get inspired, and discover new artists. Read the first article on cartoonist Jesse Labbe!

Are you an Artist interested in getting discovered? Click here to enter to be featured on an upcoming Artist Spotlight!


Check back soon, we have some more exciting updates coming very, very soon!


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