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010 - Artist Spotlight - Jane Beata

I am a painter that works with watercolor, ink, rarely I create oil paintings. I come from a family oriented in many directions, most of them are writers and literature experts, but also scientists. With parents working in culture their whole lives, they rather wished for theirĀ children to become professional scientists than artists, and so me and my sister both went to study natural sciences. She is now a screenplay writer and I paint, we just couldn't escape it (: I am mostly self-taught, originally studied microbiology, I am quite taken with art therapy and color therapy. I live and work in Modra, Slovakia, exhibit my works in here or Czech Republic a couple of times every year. Most of...

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006 - Artist Spotlight - Emperpep

Hello! I'm emperpep, a freelance illustrator from Thailand. My favorite art style is cute colorful psychedelic art. I like manipulating nature creations into something cute, using random chaotic composition, yet somewhat mathematically structured, so it won't look too messed up. I like drawing cute stuff to calm my mind down, yet I like to inspire little kids to spend their time with art more often, some of them have used my artwork as a source of inspiration to make art on their own, which makes me quite happy that I could light up some inspirations in young people to have motivation and appreciation in art. I wish they could grow up to be a kind-hearted person. Traditional medias such as...

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