013 - Artist Spotlight - Scarlett-Aimpyh

Evergreen Art Supply - Scarlett-Aimpyh

Hi, I'm Scarlett, a traditional and self-taught artist. I use mainly watercolors and inks for my artworks, sometimes white paint and color pencils.

Evergreen Art Supply - Scarlett-Aimpyh

I'm drawing since I'm a child, and I'm a very emotive person, art was and still is my way to express my feelings and to empty my mind.

 Evergreen Art Supply - Scarlett-AimpyhEvergreen Art Supply - Scarlett-Aimpyh

I used to be a professional comic book artist in my country but now I'm just a hobbyist, I draw for my own pleasure and to share my creations with others ~ I tried to paint digital arts years ago, it was a nice experience, but I came back to my watercolors because this is who I really am ~

Evergreen Art Supply - Scarlett-Aimpyh

The most important thing to me in art is to find a way to share my emotions with others with my lines and colors.

  Evergreen Art Supply - Scarlett-Aimpyh Evergreen Art Supply - Scarlett-Aimpyh

Evergreen Art Supply - Scarlett-Aimpyh

I have a thing for drawing long hair, long dresses and use pastel colors~ I also have a thing for ... video games.






Evergreen Art Supply - Scarlett-Aimpyh


Well, one of my dreams would be to work on chara-design for a video game company, maybe one day?

Who knows!

Always believe in your dreams!

Evergreen Art Supply - Scarlett-Aimpyh

Next, I would love to improve my technique, and maybe to be a better artist with oil or acrylics... I have troubles with those materials!








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ArtStation : https://www.artstation.com/artist/scarlett-aimpyh

Deviant Art: http://scarlett-aimpyh.deviantart.com/


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