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Hi everyone!

We are so proud to have Hellobaby as our featured artist on our Artist Spotlight.

She is a master of colorful and unique traditional anime drawings. Her page on Deviant Art has reached 3,536,225 views and her art has inspired countless artists around the world to become better in their own art. We hope to share this inspiration with you today with her art.

Thank you Hellobaby for allowing us to feature your work and although you are ultra shy, you've sent us a cute profile for the artist spotlight.

We are going to share with you Hellobaby's answers on her Q/A page and some trivia as well. We find these very informative and interesting. :)

Artist Spotlight - Hellobaby Traditional Art

"I even don't have a "true drawing table" for myself, I draw anywhere I can sit and feel comfortable dear :D. And of course, no one around me cause I can't draw if any peoples beside me cause I will get nervous"

 I'm colorful person =P, I love all kind of colors & mostly is turquoise tone. But I always try to use & mix colors as much as I can ^^. And another tip I want to tell you is you should have a blank paper and carry it with u every time you color your works. You will try to mix colors on that paper and you will get what you love most. Keep that paper, you wont need to mix colors again for next art and from that you can create new colors tones for yourself.

Hellobaby - Evergreen Art Supply

-Honestly when I m drawing, I just like deaf. I pay all my effort for my drawing therefore music or non-music is fine for me :D. But sometimes for relaxing drawing, I do listen music like Yanni (omg, I love him), David Nueve, etc (they are pianist :).). I dont think music affect much to me :). (But dont take it like I m not music person, I do love music so much)

 Artist Spotlight - Hellobaby


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