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Jane Beata - watercolor art

I am a painter that works with watercolor, ink, rarely I create oil paintings. I come from a family oriented in many directions, most of them are writers and literature experts, but also scientists. With parents working in culture their whole lives, they rather wished for their children to become professional scientists than artists, and so me and my sister both went to study natural sciences. She is now a screenplay writer and I paint, we just couldn't escape it (:

Jane Beata - Colorful watercolorsJane Beata - watercolor artJane Beata - watercolor art

I am mostly self-taught, originally studied microbiology, I am quite taken with art therapy and color therapy. I live and work in Modra, Slovakia, exhibit my works in here or Czech Republic a couple of times every year.

Artist spotlight - Jane Beata watercolor

Most of my work is portrait-based, I love colors, contrast and eyes of people, I try to capture the character, telling either a real or a made up story, doesn't even matter to me :)

Artist spotlight - Jane Beata watercolor

I sincerely believe that if you put a color on your wall, color comes to your life as well.

Jane Beata - Photography

Besides painting, I practice photographying people and take those pictures for an inspiration.


I also write plenty of tutorials here on DA as well as motivational articles for those who struggle with their creativity.

Artist spotlight - Jane Beata black and white


My style shows certain similarities to other painters' work and this is not an accident, people like me, who learn on their own, rely on sources available to them. Last time I was in an art class was 14 years ago, I was a child.

Jane Beata - watercolor art

I try to figure many things on my own, reading books and using common sense, but every technique has its regulations that is good to learn through the experience of others, and so I study other painters' work and experiment. This influences me very much.

  Also, time that I've spent painting so far is not enough to develop my own style, I believe it is just a beginning. After all, there is so many media I haven't put my hand on yet.

Jane Beata artist profile - traditional art, watercolor


"Always be honest with yourself, don't be afraid to spend time alone to get to know yourself, everything you do will than come straight from your heart." - Jane Beata







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