007 - Artist Spotlight - Maria Zeldis

Artist Spotlight - traditional art Maria Zeldis


Born in the city of Kiev, Republic of Ukraine and Mexican naturalized citizen. Started to study arts in painting in the “Academy of Art for Gifted Children” with the famous Ukrainian painter Ostansci. Later she studied piano, finishing with a bachelor’s degree in music.

Artist Spotlight - Maria Zeldis - Evergreen Art Supply
Many years later she returned to painting, showcasing around 400 drawings and paintings that were seen in five expositions in Mexico, with more than 6000 visitors.

Artist Spotlight - Maria Zeldis

Artist Spotlight - Maria Zeldis

Her work was also exposed at the Senate of the Republic and Channel 22 in the national television network in Mexico City.


Her work can be found in diverse public and private collections, including the National Museum of Art of Ukraine, the Department of Culture of the State of Mexico, as well as multiple galleries in Italy, Poland, United States of America, England, Germany, Portugal, just to mention a few.

Artist Spotlight - Maria Zeldis - Evergreen Art Supply

Artist Spotlight - Maria Zeldis

She has been chosen to receive the “Deviantart International” selection and her work form part of the curriculum for Graphic Design at the Iberoamerican University in Mexico City.

Artist Spotlight - Maria Zeldis

Artist Spotlight - Maria Zeldis


Don's Notes on Maria Zeldis

She portrays moody images in the rain and perfectly captures the feeling as if you are also inside her drawing and paintings. You can tell the intimate connection she has with her family members and even pets by the way she paints them with intricate detail.

Her art is well known and has received so many awards on her own country and also around the world.

Maria Zeldis is active on Deviant Art and always respond with a smile to comments on her wonderful gallery. Make sure to drop by her page and say hello!


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DeviantArt: zeldis.deviantart


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