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Emperpep Artist Selfi


I'm emperpep, a freelance illustrator from Thailand.

My favorite art style is cute colorful psychedelic art.

Emperpep Anime Art

I like manipulating nature creations into something cute, using random chaotic composition, yet somewhat mathematically structured, so it won't look too messed up.

I like drawing cute stuff to calm my mind down, yet I like to inspire little kids to spend their time with art more often, some of them have used my artwork as a source of inspiration to make art on their own, which makes me quite happy that I could light up some inspirations in young people to have motivation and appreciation in art.

I wish they could grow up to be a kind-hearted person.

Emperpep Art Anime Cartoon Illustrator

Traditional medias such as watercolor and colored pencils are my favorite.

Emperpep Interview Artwork Drawing

I also did digital art regularly along with traditional art, but I feel like I'm more into traditional, it makes my art style look a little more unique.



I like seeing how real colors and pigments behave on paper and canvas.

Emperpep Illustration Artist

I also like adding meaningful concepts into my art, such as impermanence, or love/compassion/kindness , my art teacher taught me that without good meaningful concept in art to improve humanity, art will lack something and becomes generic thing that only shows good craftsmanship skills, he said if we took animals such as elephant and teach them to practice drawing everyday, soon they will be able to achieve good drawing result as human, but us human have to make something greater than that, since we have the ability to think profoundly.

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Instagram: @emperpep

Facebook: emperpepFB

Tumblr: emperpep.tumblr.com

Deviant Art: emperpep.deviantart


 Frank's Notes on Emperpep

Wow! Let me just say that is my reaction to every piece I see from Emperpep! Every piece jumps out and grabs your attention.

I love the fact that Emperpep has almost the complete page filled with details from top to bottom! Everywhere you work there is flowers, landscaping or a smiling critters peeking out at you! Emperpep's style is creating meticulously detailed anime type art, and I like it!

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