005 - Artist Spotlight - Artwork by Gabrielle

Artwork by Gabrielle in Portrait in Progress

Gabrielle is an exciting artist who is gaining attention in the art world.

Artwork by Gabrielle in Portrait Artist

Artwork by Gabrielle Portrait Artist

Her love for exploring different materials has made her proficient in creating artworks using a variety of mediums, including charcoals, graphite, pastels, oil paints, markers, and digital media.


Her distinctive style has garnered her many commissioned works as well.Gabrielle has an Associates Degree in Visual Arts.


In college and in her training with art professionals thereafter, she has taken courses in two and three dimensional design, color, portraiture, and art history.

Artwork by Gabrielle Portrait Sketch Art

Devoted to her craft, Gabrielle is always pushing her skills and learning new techniques by drawing and painting daily- for her work and for pleasure.

Artwork by Gabrielle Portrait

She is also currently a member of a life drawing co-op where she paints from life with a model.

ArtworkbyGabrielle Digital Art


Driven by the amazing qualities of the human form and face, Gabrielle hopes to record the beauty of life in her art for others to enjoy.

 Artwork by Gabrielle - Sketch Portrait

Keep up to date with the latest artwork by Gabrielle and check out her classes!

Instagram: @ArtworkbyGabrielle

Facebook: Artwork by Gabrielle

Deviant Art: Gabbyd70

Website: www.artworkbygabrielle.wordpress.com

 Frank's Notes on Artwork by Gabrielle

Artwork by Gabrielle is another amazing portrait artist on our Spotlight! I discovered her work on Deviant Art, but am also a follower on her Instagram and Facebook where she regularly posts her most recent work.

Her portraits are beautiful. Done in a style ranging from cartoon styled, to realistic and somewhat in between. Gabrielle's artwork is stunning, not only on canvas but she also creates awesome digital art too! 

Artwork by Gabrielle has also taken the time to set up some awesome training videos to help you learn from her talent as she walks you step by step and gives you tips along the way. If you are looking to step up your portrait game, I strongly recommend it, you'll be learning from a master!


Founder of Evergreen Art Supply


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