004 - Artist Spotlight - Christina Papagianni XRlS

I was born in Athens, where I live and work up to now. The time I spend on my art is precious and beloved and my work at it has become a big part of me.

I always try through my art to ascribe emotions up to a unique approach.




Christina Papagianni Xrls Artist Portrait



I work with every media. It might sound out of focus but it pleases me greatly to try and do my best with pencils and brushes alike.

Lately my favorite tool is oils on canvas in big sizes as i find it very relaxing to stretch a subject over 5 feet of a given surface.

Christina Papagianni Xrls Art

I love to experiment, push myself and my art to the limits and I expect nothing less than perfection. 

My art is consisting (on the biggest part of it) by strong vivid colors. I love the accuracy and the realism that comes from explosively colorful shapes, my favorite subject would definitely be portraits and figures in general. I will not ignore wild life though or nature or landscapes either especially if the ref images manage to touch me deeply.

Christina Papagianni Xrls Cat Drawing Art

I believe I am given the artistic liberty of bringing changes to my references. Actually I will do so in purpose in order to give my personal touch, and make every image mine as in the aspect the sum of my work becomes a part of me, as the artist (and the person) I am.

Christina Papagianni Xrls Artist Portrait

Weird is the fact that most of the times while starting a project, i can see it finished in every glorious detail and up to the last brushstroke inside of my head.

Every time this happens i just allow my hands to guide me blindly, and the specific artworks always come up effortless with the best results.

 If I was asked (or allowed for that matter) to give a single advice to any aspiring artist out there it would be epitomized as following;

 Christina Papagianni Xrls Artwork Animal
“Try to do the best you can while you have the
chance to do it. Always try to reach higher, to be better. Work hard because hard work always pays back. Don't allow to anyone to make your own decisions. Carve your own path in this life because you have the right to do so. If you love art with everything you got, you will make it a part of your life, a necessary inseparable one!”

Christina Papagianni Xrls Artist Portrait

Instagram:    ChristinaPapagianni

Facebook:    ChristinaPapagianni-Artist

Deviant Art:  ChristinaPApagianni-XRlS

 Frank's Notes on Christina Papagianni XRlS

Christina Papagianni XRlS, we initially found her by her profile on Deviant Art. You can see for yourself, Christina's portfolio is absolutely amazing!

I love the effects she gets similar to a photo, with an extremely detailed area in focus, and and selective area out of focus. Also I am personally a big fan of how she utilizes over the top vibrant colors, while still maintaining an ultra detailed, realistic look.

If you haven't already, you need to click the links above and see more Christina Papagianni Xrls's work! You won't be disappointed.


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