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I was raised in Newburgh, NY and currently resides in Beacon, NY. I received my BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design 2005 in NYC.

Joe Pimentel Abstract Chameleon DrawingMy work pushes past the confines of strictly representational painting, into a detailed world of transformed abstractions in an attempt to tap into a visionary art that explores themes such as evolution, higher consciousness, and expansion.Joe Pimentel Colorful Abstract PaintingI persistently challenge myself to see how far my imagination can soar on earth and through space by contemplating ideas about time, moments, and overall experiences. I find myself overwhelmed by the limitless possibilities that can be explored and realized as our souls gradually evolve towards a higher level of potential.

Joe Pimentel Skull Drawing As this evolution plays out inside of our minds, we continue to create and interact with the constructed, visible world around us. When I look at all of the animate and inanimate objects in my surroundings, I continually see opportunities to create unique objects.


Joe Pimentel Lion Drawing

I draw on imagery from this waking, dreamlike state and morph them into detailed, complex images that are rendered with the intention of giving insight into other planes of existence that await us. I attempt to morph these unique objects into a flowing, cohesive visual aesthetic that creates a semi- abstract, organic representation of the familiar in an unrecognizable way.

Joe Pimentel Woodland Creature

Joe Pimentel Illustrator

 Want more of Joe Pimentel?! 

Instagram: @joepimentel82

Website: www.joepimentelart.com 

Frank's Notes on Joe Pimentel

Joe Pimentel has been a great man to work with! He is a follower of ours on Instagram and first caught my attention after tagging #evergreenartsupply. When I discovered Joe's work I was impressed. I immediately fell in love with his unique style, realistic at times, very abstract at others. His use of colors intrigues my brain and makes my eyes feel like smiling. 

A big thanks to you Joe Pimental, I am glad to have you as one of the first featured artists here on our Spotlight. Keep the art coming!


Founder - Evergreen Art Supply


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