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My name is Julianna Maston and I grew up in Oak Ridge, TN. I currently live in Connecticut and work as an Associate Creative Director (doing graphic design) for a consumer promotion agency. I have always had a passion for art since I was little and I strive to be creative in all aspects of my life.

Julianna Maston Toy Story Rex Drawing Disney Art Rex Dinosaur Art Julianna Maston Cartoonist Colored Pencils

While I really enjoy working on the computer, I truly love working outside of the digital world to better my hand-drawn illustration skills. Colored pencils are my favorite medium. My work is extremely detailed and I have a particular interest in the intricacy of scales and reptilian skin. As huge fan of Jurassic Park and anything related to dinosaurs, they are my favorite subject. I also adore Disney movies and their characters, dragons, Nintendo...the list goes on! I think it's best to draw what makes you happy. You'll always have a better final outcome.

Julianna Maston Velociraptor Drawing Dinosaur Drawing Colored Pencils Julianna Maston Realistic and Cartoon Artist

Julianna Maston Goku Drawing Dragonball Z Fan Art Realistic Goku Colored Pencil Drawing Julianna MastonThere are so many talented artists of all ages from around the world, so Instagram has been a huge inspiration for me. It's incredible to discover, follow, connect and with individuals who share your same interests. I love sharing progress pictures of new pieces I'm working on and reading my follower's feedback and kind words. It makes me very motivated to keep pursuing this passion!


Thanks for the opportunity to be featured!

To see all of Julianna Maston's newest work follow her on:

Instagram: @juliannamaston

Julianna Maston Dinosaur Jurassic Park Velociraptor Drawing with Colored Pencils Art Realistic


Frank's Notes on Julianna Maston

Lucky Artist Spotlight #2 guest Julianna Maston! She is another artist I had found searching through Instagram. As you can see for yourself, her colored pencil work is stunning! I love the detailed, bright, and friendly appearance much of Julianna's art has.

As she mentioned, Julianna Maston has a strong love for Disney, Nintendo and other cartoon characters. I am grateful for the inspiration that brings us the beautiful pieces Julianna makes on a constant basis. The skill she posses to recreate any character flawlessly is one that many of us envy!

On top of her great art, she has been extremely kind every time I communicate with her. Julianna Maston, I want to say thank you on behalf of all of our fans for sharing your story and your art, keep on drawing!


Founder - Evergreen Art Supply


Julianna Maston Smaug the Dragon Colored Pencil Drawing

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